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What kind of material do you have in your life, and what are their characteristics

In our daily life, there are always some things that need to be tied up to keep them neat and stable, such as the binding of power lines, US lines, network lines, etc., such as the binding of articles such as daily use of residential houses, electrical appliances, etc., such as the binding of plant branches such as grapes in garden flowers... There are lots of places to tie up. But what to tie it with? A long time ago, people used to tie with ropes. Later, with the progress of society, there came the tools for tying belts. Among them, tying belts were the most widely used, and various materials of tying belts appeared. So, what are the materials of the tie? What are the characteristics of different materials? Let us follow the production experts to take a look at the standard of basic building materials.

Tie belt, also known as tie wire belt, tie wire belt and lock belt, is a kind of belt used to tie things, at present the common on the market have stainless steel tie belt and nylon tie belt two kinds of material, because the application of material is different, so their characteristics are not the same.

Stainless steel tie

As the name suggests, stainless steel tie belt is a kind of 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or 346 stainless steel material made of tie belt, is a kind of industrial binding fixed role of stainless steel tie belt products, it has steel ball locking mechanism, strapping is simple and convenient, so it is quite popular.

However, according to the different process and other application materials, stainless steel tape can be divided into plastic coated stainless steel tape and sprayed stainless steel tape and so on. Among them, plastic coated stainless steel tie belt is also known as stainless steel cable tie belt, using inner stainless steel and outer PVC material, with soft surface, surface insulation performance is good, not easy to corrosion and other characteristics, and has automatic locking function, can be used for a long time, suitable for wire, cable binding; And sprayed plastic stainless steel tie belt is a stainless steel surface spray insulation coating of tie belt, also has good insulation and corrosion resistance, the application range is more extensive.

Nylon cable tie

Nylon tie strap is a kind of tie strap with nylon as the main material. Compared with the traditional tie wire and rope made of PVC or fiber, nylon tie strap has stronger toughness, tensile strength and impact strength. In strong binding, the tie strap will not break, which is more convenient to use. At the same time, nylon ties also have strong acid resistance, alkali resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, as low as 40 degrees below zero to 135 degrees temperature range can be used normally; And, according to the different binding way, nylon binding belt has self-locking binding belt, label binding belt, loose buckle binding belt and other binding head binding belt, can meet the stable binding of different items. Therefore, nylon ties are widely used in TV, computer and other internal connections, and fixed lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products, as well as agricultural horticulture and handicrafts and other articles tied up, is now the most common ties in the market.